Leveraging on Years of Project Development

The team at Boxmoor have decades of experience developing infrastructure projects accross Africa. Our aim is to lay the foundation for sustainable economies.


Our investment focus is on essential projects like water, electricity, and telecommunications infrastructure, all critical to Africa's development.


We spearhead transportation infrastructure initiatives, spanning roads, railways, ports, and airports, to bolster connectivity, trade, and propel socio-economic advancement.


We collaborate with ventures to bolster infrastructure development, fostering the growth of manufacturing facilities vital for economic advancement and employment opportunities.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.
— Archimedes, Greek mathematician and physicist


Taking the Bold First Step

Boxmoor Hills DMCC, a part of the TOCAM Group, is an investment holding company focused on infrastructure investments across Africa.

Specializing in sectors like Transport, Energy, Logistics, and Mining, it invests in both internal and external projects.

In collaboration with its Singaporean partners, Boxmoor Hills established a DMCC company in May 2021, acquiring a mining license in Sierra Leone, with the project asset valued at approximately US$150 million.




We are dedicated to building enduring partnerships, focusing on infrastructure projects across diverse sectors including transport, energy, logistics, and mining.